Straight Line Positive Drive

Request InformationOur Straight Line Positive Drive Belts have custom sprockets to deliver the absolute best tracking and smoothest operation. These low tension, self-tracking belts are perfectly aligned with each application. Available in a wide variety of sizes, pitches and materials, many utilize patented technologies and are USDA certified for food safety.

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Cam-Grid Belt
Cam-Grid metal conveyor belts are our most popular, adaptable straight line and spiral cage systems belts. Cam-Grid belts provide a smooth, continuous product flow, gentle with fragile or delicate products. Available in rods-only construction and with mesh overlay.

This product can be used as a straight line positive or spiral cage belt.

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Chain Drive Belts
Chain Drive Belts can handle heavy loads with slippery conditions. Working with inclines, declines, freezers and dryers. 

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Distinctive drive sprocket openings increase strength, allowing the metal belt to handle heavier loads than typical light-duty conveyor belts. The small diameter drive rolls or sprockets permit tight transfers, reducing product damage and loss of small or delicate products. Made from food-safe stainless steel, with unobstructed openings that allow for easy cleaning. Versions certified to meet rigorous 3-A sanitary standards also available.

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DuraFlex Edge
The DuraFlex Edge has excellent durability, and ensures longer belt life. In fact, it can last 5x longer than any flex-style belt on market. 

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The DuraHinge is a more durable alternative to the existing versions of metal strand belting. This belt is light weight and easy to clean, with a patented compound Z bend hinge to reduce curling and snagging, maintaining structural soundness up to ten-times longer than other flex-style belts.

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DuraHinge Safety Edge
DuraHinge Safety EDGE is the poultry industry’s solution to safety and sanitation best practices. It is a fully-secured edge that allows for tight transfers in the plant. Each end loop sweeps back around to the adjacent end loop to prevent catching while maintaining enough openness for easy splicing. The belt’s outside loop dimensions match industry standards allowing it to be a universal tool for all conveyors.

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The Eyelink belt has variable wire spacing enabling numerous configurations for any type of food processing application. Available with bar link edges (Type LK) or roller chain edges (Type KH), this chain is used in cases where a vertical change of direction is needed in the conveyor path, such as hold-down belts in fryer submerging tanks.

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Metal Modular
Metal Modular belting is available in customizable pitches to match your current conveyor setup and existing modular belting and is available in a broad variety of mesh opening sizes to accommodate both product and application needs. Ideal applications for the Metal Modular belt include raw and finished products, horizontal and inclined conveying, transfers, cooling, dewatering, washers, dryers, cookers up to 400 degrees, bagging, pasteurizers, pack-outs, and more. 

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A lighter flatwire belt with variable openings for cooling and freezing. The manufacturing process allows variable openings and reduces belt elongation for improved tracking and increased belt life.

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The PacTitan is a more versatile flatwire belt and is customizable for specific products. Our method of flat wire belt construction makes it possible to vary the width of the lateral belt openings, allowing us to match your specific product needs. The belt’s construction offers superior wear life and reduced picket distortion, especially under load.

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The PacTite design eliminates gaps between pickets to prevent product tipping and vibration. Our standard-duty conveyor belts are made with 11-gauge rods, while heavy-duty belts are made with 6-gauge rods. They are available also in modified styles that require it. Clinched edges form a clean, smooth selvage that prevents the belt from necking down and hanging up on the side of the conveyor. The PacTite belt delivers truer tracking for better product stability.

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This belt is best suited for hard-to-track and difficult-to-drive conveyors for those prone to belt distortion, we offer MTS Sprockets and MTR Plus Drive Rollers. With precisely-matched companion meshes, the system ensures conveyor belts will deliver low maintenance operation without constant cleaning, adjustment or constant sprocket replacement.

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The open design of the Sani-Grid belt maximizes efficiency and minimizes maintenance. This belt is sanitary and easy to clean, making it excellent for the food industry. Sani-Grid meets sanitation requirements for such products as breads, rolls, buns, doughnuts, confections, cakes, pies, pastries, seafood and poultry. 

This product can be used as a straight line positive or spiral cage belt.

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SLATrak belts are used on short conveyors just inside a fryer. Teflon slats are attached to the belt and serve as a non-stick surface for the product. A light breading, such as panko or tempura, will stick to a normal metal wire belt in a fryer if dropped on it immediately. SLATrak is used to carry the fried product for a few feet inside the fryer to allow the breading to fry and crust, then the product transfers to a normal metal wire belt inside the same fryer to finish the frying process. 

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