Instant Asset Identification And Real-Time Monitoring.

When your conveyor experiences catastrophic failure, it takes a lot of extra work to get it running and make up for the production time. Even just a few hours of downtime can mean tens of thousands of dollars lost. Rexnord’s Premium Services and Smart Condition Monitoring System help you instantly identify your conveyor equipment and monitor their performance, helping you to better plan for downtime and avoid unwanted surprises.

Line Survey and Smart Tagging

Knowing what equipment is on your conveyor is your first line of defense. Our Application Engineering experts will do a detailed inventory of your line and apply QR code Smart Tags. A single scan with any smart device gives you instantaneous access to the conveyor's product information, serial number, installation and maintenance support documents. This immediate identification dramatically cuts time in searching for part information when you need it most.

Rexnord Smart Condition Monitoring System Powered by DiRXN

If your conveying chain is running outside of healthy operating conditions, it cannot efficiently move product. This leads to product damage and loss, which can cost you a lot of money. In addition to Smart Tags, Rexnord’s Smart Condition Monitoring System is available to give you real-time monitoring to conveyor health measurements. By knowing ahead of time which conveying components require maintenance, you can better plan your downtime and make sure your line is running at an optimal level, saving you time in maintenance and lost product.

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Rexnord Premium Services Package Inclusions and Pricing:

 Full ServiceBasic Service
Full Line Survey
Onsite QR Code Tagging
Access to Rexnord Connect Portal 
Rexnord Edge Device 
Asset Tag Mount
Bi-Annual Onsite Review 
Full Service PackageOne LineMonthly Subscription
Weekdays, First Shift$3,150$380/mo
Weekend, Off Shifts$4,075$499/mo
Basic Service PackageFull ServiceBasic Service
Weekdays, First Shift$3,150$1,875
Weekend, Off Shifts$4,075$2,600