Designed to Last

Enjoy an improved total cost of ownership with the DuraFlex Series metal belt. Designed with a true hinge point, the DuraFlex Series eliminates friction and metal fatigue, enabling it to last longer and increase carrying capacity.

What can the Duraflex Series do for your application?

Benefits of the Duraflex Series

Decrease Downtime

DuraFlex is designed for quick installation, splicing and maintenance. Its more durable design means less time in maintenance and unplanned downtime, optimizing your total cost of ownership.

Adaptable for Your Application

DuraFlex is made for to be easily designed with your conveying system. Belting can easily navigate nose bar assemblies for tight transfer applications, and is compatible with almost any type of support structure. Sprockets are designed to accommodate most drive sprocket diameters.




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DuraFlex Edge


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