Custom Gears & Drives

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Rexnord manufactures high quality, custom precision spur and helical gearing and gearboxes serving the mining, oilfield, wind, transit and other industrial markets. Our technical skills and integrated production capabilities enable us to develop cost- effective solutions for the most demanding applications.

In-house heat treating, gear cutting and gear grinding capabilities and expertise ensure the highest level of precision is met for our customers’ most demanding applications. In addition, Rexnord has a full complement of precision gearing process capabilities for machining, turning, milling, drilling, broaching, key seating, OD/ID grinding, and balancing. ISO-certified build-to-print manufacturer Merit Gear, and several Rexnord locations, provides high-quality gearing and specialized gearboxes.

Custom Gears & Drives Capabilities
Merit Gear ISO Certification
Rexnord Gear Group ISO Certification

Precision Gears

We have a full complement of process capabilities to make spur and helical gearing, including heat treatment, gear cutting and gear grinding, enabling us to produce precision gears completely in-house. All of our production processes are supported by full inspection capabilities to guarantee we are meeting the highest precision standards in the industry.


  • External Gears: 20-2,000 mm
  • Internal Gears: 20-900 mm
  • Grinding up to 3,500 mm
  • AGMA Q-15 precision

Custom Gearboxes

Rexnord is a manufacturer of custom planetary, parallel shaft and right angle gearboxes. We can help you from design, to building, testing and shipment of complete gearboxes to meet your custom needs.

With access to world-class gearbox design experts for the mining, oilfield, wind and transit markets, we provide our customers with robust gearboxes that are able to meet even the most demanding challenges.


  • Custom planetary, parallel shaft and right-angle gearboxes
  • Up to 2,500 mm3
  • Up to 9 metric tons
  • Gearbox repair

Heat Treatment

Our in-house heat treating facility ensures uncompromising quality in meeting your metallurgical requirements. We have a full range of heat treat capabilities, including carburizing and hardening, quench and tempering, nitriding, carbonitriding, induction hardening, annealing and stress relieving.


  • Carburize: 90" Dia x 72" Deep
  • Induction: 12" Dia x 42" Long
  • Nitride: 36" Dia x 42" Deep
  • Normalize, Quench, Temper: 39" H x 30" W x 48" L