Carry Small Products with Ease

The Cam-Grid Series metal conveyor belt is an optimal solution for moving small, unstable or fragile products through applications such as freezing and cooling. Available with rods-only or customizable mesh design, Cam-Grid can be tailored to your product for increased throughput and decreased downtime.

What can the Cam-Grid Series do for your application?

Benefits of the Cam-Grid Series

Cleans Easily & Effectively

Each outer link has an oblong slot holding the rod which easily collapses to give critical access for cleaning. Open belt area also ensures water and other cleaning agents sanitize in areas where debris can hide.

Adaptable for Your Applications

A variety of constructions to accommodate different products and floor plans. Select a rods-only construction, or mesh overlay for more delicate product. Different configurations enable tight turns and heavier carrying requirements with ease.

Retains Product Quality

Open area in either the rods only or mesh overlay variations ensure product receives consistent airflow and water efficiently drains. Rods effectively carry larger products and trays, while the mesh overlay carefully supports small or soft food products.

Minimizes Risk of Belt Failure

Overlays are constructed with spring temper stainless steel, aiding to resist fatigue and damage. Various configurations match the carrying needs of your application, ensuring the belt keeps moving product effortlessly.




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Cam-Grid GP


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Heavy Duty Tight Radius Cam-Grid


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