Cylindrical Roller Bearings

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Link-Belt Cylindrical Roller Bearings offer a broad range of configuration options and features to ensure you get the best value on delivery and performance. Utilizing case-carburizing, bearing quality steel and complex geometries, our bearings are designed to consistently perform in demanding applications, and our broad product range includes a bearing for any application. Plus, we offer dedicated engineering support to help customize units to your specifications.


Features & Benefits:

  • Product range up to 16 inches outside diameter
  • Best-in-class lead times
  • High and low-volume manufacturing capabilities
  • Broad standard product range
  • Custom capabilities to fit demanding applications
  • Multiple configurations
  • Multiple retainer options to maximize performance
  • Bearing quality, case-carburized material
  • Super-finished raceways for smooth operation

Contact Cylindrical Roller Bearings Support

North America: 1-866-REXNORD (1-866-739-6673)
Outside North America: +32 1544 3811
The Rexnord technical services team is available to lead the specifications process based on your design parameters, and an analysis of your application. When a unique situation confronts you, Rexnord is there to provide the right solutions. With locations around the world, Rexnord provides experienced application and post-sales support, no matter where you are.