Extreme Performance Leaf Chain

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The Extreme Performance Leaf Chain Line performs above and beyond under the harshest conditions for long periods of time. Rexnord Extreme Performance Leaf Chain offers quality, and reliability for applications in the automotive, food and beverage, mining and metals and construction industries.

Features and Benefits:

  • Superior corrosion protection
  • Superior wear resistance
  • Environmentally friendly lubrication characteristics
  • High case hardness
  • High press fits
  • Shot-peened components
  • High pre-loading
  • Handles punishing, heavy-duty applications
  • All standard sizes available in F (machine tool quality), AL (high quality), and BL (super heavy-duty) series



Proper maintenance prolongs the service life of your chains. It's important to choose not only the right lubrication frequency, but also the right lubricant. The Extreme Performance Line of industrial chain handles corrosion, food applications, and long periods of operation.
Rexnord has a wide variety of lubricants for additional applications. Check out our Lubrication Page to see all of our product options. 
The new gerenation of Leaf Chain. An excellent option when working with drills or road construction. Primarily for heavy-duty drives and lifting purposes, or high loading capabilities. The RexProX Extreme Perfromance Leaf Chain has excellent protection through our RexPro lubrication.

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An excellent option when working around harbors or docks. Primarily used in outdoor, industrial lifting equipment. The RexHiPro Extreme Perfromance Leaf Chain is corrosion resistant, with high loading capabilities. 

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An excellent option when dealing with material handling, or machince tools is the RexAthletic Extreme Perfromance Leaf Chain. It has improved wear resistance, fatigue resistance, and is compliant to enviornmental management systems. 

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