An excellent option when working around harbors or docks. Primarily used in outdoor, industrial lifting equipment. The RexHiPro Extreme Performance Leaf Chain is corrosion resistant, with high loading capabilities. 

Features & Benefits

  • Outstanding corrosion protection
  • High service life
  • High load capacity
  • Without Chromium VI

Product Details

  • Anti-corrosion coating for all chain components
  • Breaking strength and fatigue resistance as for RexPro chains
  • Dimensions in accordance with DIN, ANSI and ISO standards
  • No process-related hydrogen embrittlement
  • No separate sprocket required
  • Operating temperatures up to 250°C possible with high-temperature lubricants
  • Does not contain chromium VI: conforms to Directive 2011/65/EC, RoHS and Directive 2000/53/EC 


RexHiPro Leaf Chain


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