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For more than 80 years, Autogard Torque Limiters have led the industry in overload protection, providing proven reliability, dependable expertise and a broad range of options. Ideal for nearly every application from light-duty to heavy-duty and specially engineered environments, our torque limiters offer bi-directional protection and lower total cost of ownership, increased accuracy of torque limitation and longer life at high speeds. Our product line also covers a full range of torque requirements.

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  • Protect equipment with accurate torque limitation
  • Multiple design options to fit nearly any application
  • Increase life of system components
  • Offered with manual, single position, and rapid reset styles
  • Instantaneous disengagement
  • Up to 8,000 rpm
  • Over 6,600,000 in-lbs (745,700 Nm) capacity
  • Unlimited shaft sizes
200 Series Autogard
The original Autogard Torque Limiter with a trusted design that will disengage at a pre-set torque value.  This product has a massive install base that services a wide range of applications.

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320 Series Autogard
The 320 Series has been designed to meet the need for an economical, compact and reliable torque limiter.  The optimized design provides a robust, backlash-free torque limiter that helps protect equipment from the damaging effects caused by overloading a drive train.

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400 Series Autogard
The 400 Series has been designed to meet the need for a high-and low-speed, free-wheeling torque limiter. It differs from previous ball detent designs by using two sets of balls on concentric pitch circles.

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600 Series Autogard
The 600 Series Airjustor is a pneumatically controlled torque limiter and disengaging clutch that is adjustable in motion.  It provides the ultimate in equipment protection with the addition of ON-OFF clutch control at a single cost

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820 Series Autogard
The 820 Series has been designed using the modular principle to accommodate high-torque, high- and low-speed applications with the flexibility to accommodate a wide range of torque settings.

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820RR Series Autogard
The 820RR Series is designed for high-torque applications to help protect equipment during shock loads, overloads and jams. Remote-Reset feature using pneumatic controls without the need to physically approach the unit.

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WT Series Autogard
The WT Series was designed to accommodate water treatment applications and features a stainless steel module for superior protection in the harsh working environment.

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