XG Series Torque Limiter


Twin screw extruders and compounding machines require the very best torque overload protection. Rexnord’s Autogard XG Series offers features with the specific aim of protecting extruders from damages caused by unexpected torque spikes.

Features & Benefits

  • Instantaneous separation of damaging inertias over a pre-set torque level
  • Free running after torque overload
  • Manual reset without the need of special tooling or replacement parts
  • Shaft sizes up to 160mm
  • Torque range from 40 - 6,900Nm (354 - 61,100 in-lbs)
  • Easy to adjust torque setting on-site, and possible to tamper-proof the setting
  • Drop-out options available on every size

Product Details

  • Accurate torque limitation prevents costly downtime
  • Bi directional protection
  • Disengagement sensors available
  • Fast and easy to disconnect motor and gearbox by removing the flexible wrap element for machine maintenance

Compatible with Falk V-Class Gear Drives