WT Series Torque Limiter


The WT Series was designed to accommodate water treatment applications and features a stainless steel module for superior protection in the harsh working environment.

Features & Benefits

  • Modular design
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Manual disengagement feature is standard and replaces the need for a separate jaw clutch
  • Torque range up to 60,000 in-lbs (6,780 Nm)
  • Shaft sizes up to 3.75 inches (95.25 mm)

WT Series Details

  • Stainless steel construction to withstand harsh working environments
  • Accurate and consistent torque setting including a Vernier scale on each module to allow easy torque adjustment
  • Manual disengagement is standard to allow for the unit to be disconnected for testing and system maintenance; replaces the need for a separate jaw clutch
  • Instant and complete disengagement of the drive for optimum protection
  • Low maintenance; integral grease fitting allows periodic lubrication of the unit without removing it from the drive
  • Maintenance and replacement of modules can be performed without removing the torque limiter from the application