320 Series Torque Limiter


The 320 Series has been designed to meet the need for an economical, compact and reliable torque limiter.  The optimized design provides a robust, backlash-free torque limiter that helps protect equipment from the damaging effects caused by overloading a drive train.

Features & Benefits

  • Compact design
  • Automatic or manual reset versions
  • Torque range up to 13,276 in-lbs (1,500 Nm)
  • Bore sizes up to 2 inches (65 mm)

320 Series Details

  • Accurate torque limitation prevents costly downtime caused by overloads
  • The compact design reduces weight and inertia on the equipment
  • The standard design can accommodate larger torque ranges than many other models currently available
  • Number of styles ensuring the right solution is available for all applications
  • Backlash-free operation
  • Automatic or manual re-engagement
  • One revolution synchronous re-engagement
  • Springs can be inspected and changed without removing the clutch from the drive train
  • Coil springs allow one standard design to accommodate the full torque range as opposed to regressive disc springs that can only accommodate a narrow torque band