ReXtreme Roller Chain

Rexnord ReXtreme Roller Chain is a maintenance-free roller chain for special applications. Certain treatments and synthetic high performance ex-works lubrication provide excellent sliding characteristics for maintenance-free operations. The special Rexnord ReXtreme Lubrication is approved for conveyor and oven chain in painting areas as well as for all other applications in auto body paint shops.

Features & Benefits

  • Outstanding tribological characterics
  • Maintenance-free due to high-performance and long-term lubrication.
  • Long service life
  • Very good corrosion resistance

Product Details

  • Excellent slip properties and good dry running characteristics
  • Corrosion resistance over 120 hours
  • No process-related hydrogen embrittlement
  • Free of chromium VI
  • Chain sizes with pitch from 12.7 mm to 25.4 mm available
  • All measurements according to DIN, ANSI and ISO standards


ReXtreme Roller Chain – Extreme Performance by Rexnord


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