An excellent chain that resists acids and rust. The RexPlusCarbon Extreme Roller Chain brings together the RexCarbon chain and the RexPlus chain. The combination of these two chains are used in a wider range of applications dealing with water, steam or aggressive liquids. Other environments this chain can be used in are freezing temperatures, and the automotive industry. 

Features & Benefits

  • Combination of RexPlus and RexCarbon
  • Maintenance-free due to high-tech thermoplastic sliding sleeves
  • Made from special purpose steel
  • Excellent resistance to rust and acids
  • NSF H1 certification

Product Details

  • High long-term loading capacity
  • Extremely rust and acid resistant
  • Optimized hard wearing chain link
  • Seamless rollers
  • NSF H1 certification
  • High Tech carbon sliding sleeves
  • Patented special steel


RexPlusCarbon Roller Chain – Extreme Performance by Rexnord


Product Sheet | English | 345 KB