RexHiProAthletic Roller Chain

Rexnord RexHiProAthletic Roller Chain is a combination of Rexnord RexHiPro and RexAthletic chain types. It provides the corrosion resistance of the RexHiPro and the high wear resistance of the RexAthletic. The chain requires low maintenance thanks to the high performance and the longterm lubrication. This makes the Rexnord RexHiProAthletic Chain ideal for applications where maintenance and lubrication possibilities are restricted.

Features & Benefits

  • Combination of RexHiPro and RexAthletic
  • Durable and low-maintenance
  • Anti-corrosion coating on all chain parts
  • Very good corrosion resistance
  • Long service life
  • High loading capacity

Product Details

  • Outstanding tribological characteristics
  • Excellent slip properties and good dry running characteristics
  • Fatigue resistance and chain traction comparable with Rexnord high-performance chains
  • Improved protection against chain joint stiffness
  • NSF H1 certification
  • Chain sizes with pitch from 12.7 mm to 50.8 mm available (special sizes on request)
  • All dimensions in accordance with DIN, ANSI and ISO standards


RexHiProAthletic Roller Chain


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