Ultramite Gear Drives

Falk Ultramite Parallel Shaft Drives are built for longer service life. An integral high-speed pinion is fully supported by bearings within the gearbox, not by motor bearings while dual lip seals prevent contamination. Ultramite is motor-independant allowing the use of standard NEMA C-face or IEC motors. With a lifetime removal guarantee, shaft mounts using our patented TA taper bushing are guaranteed to come off the shaft, regardless of length of service or operating conditions, or Rexnord will replace it for free.

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Motor-independent design and innovative non-metallic bushing provides easy motor installation and removal.
Dual lip seals at the high and low speed shafts prevents ingress of contaminants, extending the life of the gearbox lubrication.
Integral high speed mounted backstop provides a cost effective solution for non-reversing applications.
Two low speed flange styles are available to meet your application mounting specifications.
Patented TA taper bushings with guaranteed shaft removal, regardless of length of service or operating conditions.
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Falk Ultramite 04UJ Gearmotors

Falk Ultramite 04UJ Gearmotors

The Falk Ultramite UJ Offset Parallel gearmotor size 04UJ gear drive has ratio range of 7.1:1 to 355:1 and a max torque of 3,260 inch pounds. The UJ Ultramite Offset Parallel product line offers several low-speed connection options including taper hollow bore. Units include a motor adapter for ease of installation and removal of a standard NEMA C-Face or IEC motors
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Falk Ultramite Gearmotors


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