Stable, Smooth Conveying

Precision belting promotes stable product carrying and better belt tracking, allowing for increased product throughput and longer belt life. Ideal in a wide variety of applications, the Precision Series features unique sprockets and machined MTR rollers that engage the belt for true tracking and steady product conveying.

What can the Precision Series do for your application?

Benefits of the Precision Series

Decrease Downtime

Precision's flat seat mesh, optimized sprocket design and patented MTR roller technology promote tracking and stability to increase the life of the belt. Less intervention is needed to keep the belt running, and when maintenance is needed, splicing the belt is quick and easy.

Retain Product Quality

Available with a variety of open area configurations, Precision gives products the support needed to move through the production line without damage. Able to execute tight transfers on a small diameter nosebar, products are able to move from belt to belt seamlessly.

Cleans Easily & Effectively

Drive sprockets and rollers have self-cleaning design options, especially useful in applications prone to debris and buildup.




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