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Food Safe Metal Modular Belting

The Metal Modular Series belt is a convenient solution in food applications where the combination of stainless steel and a modular design is best. Created with strength and food safety in mind, Metal Modular is a fully-customizable solution for a broad range of food conveying applications.

What can the Metal Modular Series do for your application?

Benefits of the Metal Modular Series

Mitigates Product Contamination

The patented edge technology uses denser mesh to reinforce areas that can break down over time. Integrated flights are customizable and fastener-free, eliminating additional hardware that can come loose and contaminate food product.

Decreases Downtime

Metal Modular is capable of easy drop in and retrofits. Using rail match technology, our team can ensure installation on your current system is efficient and seamless.

Minimizes Risk of Belt Failure

Offered in 0.098 and 0.062 wire mesh, the belt is reinforced in key areas of distress ensuring heavier loads are carried with ease.

Adaptable for Your Application

Modules and mesh openings are fully customizable for your product and application. The belt is also capable of a reverse bend, is drum motor compatible, and runs on the same diameter sprockets as many plastic modular belts. All features designed to give additional flexibility in configuring your conveyor system.