Straight Line Friction Drive

Request InformationBalanced weave belts are the heart and soul of many bakeries and high temperature operations. Our straight-line belts are the optimal choice for friction driven conveyors. With alternating right and left spiral construction and many customizable options, these belts deliver better stability, heavier loads and increased surface area.
Balanced Flat Seat
The Balanced Flat Seat belt has increased product support with less stretch and camber. Each spiral hinge is accurately matched and precisely seated to its cross rod to prevent continuous rubbing of metal to metal, which guarantees the truest tracking. 

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Balanced Weave
The Balanced Weave belt is an excellent all-purpose belt for friction-driven conveyors. Great for bakeries and snack food operations, the belt features a tighter mesh, alternating right- and left-hand spiral construction and endless customization options. Great for ensuring stability, conveying heavy product load, and transferring product over a large surface area.

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Compound Balanced
The Compound Balanced Weave belt is great for baking and snack food applications. It has tighter mesh, which provides better tracking and baking. With right-and left-hand spirals fitted closely together for a smooth, dense weave, our compound balanced belts are excellent for conveying very fine or small products, as well as unstable or top-heavy items. These belts are used extensively in the food processing industry, especially for baking cookies, crackers and snack foods.

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DiaCrimp construction makes this the nearest thing to a universal belt. With its flat, thin spirals that deliver 25% more carrying surface than other flattened wire belts, DiaCrimp is ideal for virtually any loose or containerized product in applications such as ceramic coating, glass annealing, fiberglass curing and baking. 

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Furnace Balanced Flat Seat
A belt with no excess wire that stretches or cambers, this proven design helps maximize production high temperature applications. The Furnace Balanced Flat Seat belt reduces downtime, and minimizes camber and stretching with its durable construction. 

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The Knuckleback belt increases belt life and reduces the total cost of ownership for metal fabricators by decreasing downtimes. The belt’s name derives from the reinforced, reversed weld of the joint (knuckle) between the rod with each flat spiral wire end (back) to the preceding joint. As stainless steel conveyor belts naturally stretch in high temperature operations, Knuckleback’s flat surface and extended, stronger spiral are significant advantages.

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Knuckleback Platinum
The Knuckleback Platinum belt significantly reduces downtime, delivers outstanding cost savings, and extends the overall belt life. Designed by a team of engineers and high temperature market specialists to reduce high maintenance costs and downtime for a powdered metal plant, Knuckleback Platinum has proven to be a revolutionary belt for metal manufacturers. As stainless steel conveyor belts naturally stretch in high temperature operations, Knuckleback Platinum's flat surface and extended, stronger spiral are significant advantages.

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Oven Balanced Flat Seat
The unique spiral shape and flat seat rod design of the Oven Balanced Flat Seat decreases stretching, increases product stability and optimizes belt tracking. The Oven Balanced Flat Seat belt is preferred for drying, curing and baking due to strength and durability

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