Water Screen Systems

Request InformationWe provide custom engineered solutions, manufacturing, and installation support of new and replacement Traveling and Static Water Screen Systems. Traveling Water Screens are also referred to as Cooling Tower Screens, Fish Escapement Screens, Exclusion Screens, Intake Screens, Pump Screens, Trash Screens, and Bar Screens.

The Capabilities and Industries Served
We provide custom engineered solutions and manufacturing of new and replacement Traveling Water Screen Systems. These are an enclosed system with a revolving belt used to remove and/or contain various types and sizes of debris from fresh or man-made water sources. The belt lifts the debris from the water and deposits it into a container or on to a conveyor system for disposal. 

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Our Static Water Screens are used in a wide range of environments, from water processing, heat reduction systems, to agricultural projects. The debris collects against the screen, and can be washed off when the screen is removed. These systems have a lower up front cost, and are typically used for smaller volumes of debris. 

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Manual Drill Drive Traveling Water Screens
Our Hybrid Traveling Water Screens are there to protect pumps and downstream systems with an electric drill instead of an electric motor. This solution is great for dealing with water processing, heat reduction systems and other manufacturing plants.

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Trash Screens and Racks
Trash Racks are strong, rugged, and durable, providing protection from large, heavy debris such as trees, branches, rocks and trash. Available in standard and custom configurations to fit any environmental and industry requirements.

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The Rexnord technical services team is available to lead the specifications process based on your design parameters, and an analysis of your application. When a unique situation confronts you, Rexnord is there to provide the right solutions. With locations around the world, Rexnord provides experienced application and post-sales support, no matter where you are.