RexHiPro Roller Chain

An excellent option when working in wet or outdoor environments, like food, beverage and packaging industries. These chains are also used in amusement parks and agricultural and forestry equipment. The RexHiPro Extreme Performance Roller Chain is corrosion resistant, with high load capabilities. 

Features & Benefits

  • Anti-corrosion coating on all chain parts
  • Outstanding corrosion resistance
  • Long service life
  • High loading capacity

Product Details

  • Anti-corrosion coating for all chain parts
  • Corrosion resistance over 600 hours (salt spray test conforms to DIN 50021)
  • Breaking strength and long-term loading capacity comparable with RexPlus stainless chain
  • All measurements according to DIN, ANSI and ISO-Norm
  • No process-related hydrogen embrittlement
  • NSF H2 certification, RoHS:2005 compliant for electronics industry
  • Free from chromium VI: conforms to guidelines 2011/65/EG, ROHS and Directive 2000/53/EC


RexHiPro Roller Chain – Extreme Performance by Rexnord


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