A-Plus Gear Drives

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We deliver the total power transmission package. You can rely on Rexnord Falk A-Plus Right-Angle Gear Drives to deliver picture-perfect performance right from the start.

A-Plus Right-Angle Gear Drives feature super-rugged designs to meet every operating challenge. And they're site-proven in the world's most demanding applications to take plenty of tough, on-the-job punishment.

Application-engineered to minimize stress and wear, and to extend service life, these drives deliver steady, trouble free operation, day-after-day. They're also specially designed and constructed to offer you maximum application flexibility.


Features & Benefits:

  • 17 unit sizes up to 5.5M Ib-in (620 kNm)
  • Reductions from 1.8:1 to 438:1
  • Compact split steel housing design
  • Case-carburized and ground gearing
  • 3-year heavy-duty warranty
  • Alignment-free conveyor drive available as standard package
  • Continuous-duty ratings (AGMA)
  • Versatile cooling accessories, including shaft fans, electric fans, cooling tubes and heat exchangers


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