Viva Elastomeric Couplings

Rexnord Viva Elastomeric Couplings are non lubricated, material-flexing couplings, which are used in a variety of applications in many industries. They have excellent vibration dampening capability and high-misalignment capacity, providing extended life to connected equipment. This coupling offers a torsionally soft, split-in-half, easy maintenance flexible element coupling that ensures on-site adjustability.

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Rexnord Viva Extended Spacer Elastomeric Couplings

Rexnord Viva Extended Spacer Elastomeric Couplings

The Rexnord Viva extended spacer elastomeric coupling consists of a unique split-in-half flex element and reversible hubs that significantly decrease total costs by reducing inventory and assembly time. Viva couplings are non-lubricated, material-flexing couplings utilizing a specially formulated polyurethane material engineered for maximum durability, strength and fatigue resistance. The couplings high-misalignment capacity accommodates unavoidable misalignment with low reactionary forces. The torsionally soft flex element cushions shock loads and vibration, extending equipment life. The Rex Viva "V" notch design directs stress concentration away from the bonded area thus providing superior performance and seamless overload protection, if required. Hubs are available in rough bore, custom bore and bushed designs. Rex Viva VSX extended spacer couplings are designed to connect equipment with shaft gap (distance between shaft end) requirements beyond the Viva spacer coupling capabilities. They are ideal for applications with wide non-standard shaft gaps and can be an economic alternative to suit all shaft spacings up to the maximum allowable gap with the same coupling components. The Viva VSX adjustable spacer design features optional hole mounting positions and reversible hubs to allow adjustment to accommodate most shaft spacing requirements. Available in 12 sizes ranging from VSX110 through VSX460, the Viva extended spacer coupling accommodates torque loads up to 55,494 lb-in (6,270 Nm) and shaft diameters up to 6.5 inches (165 mm). For details see Viva Catalog (#4044ENESFR). Click below to configure the Viva coupling specific to your application.
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Viva Installation Manual


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Viva Coupling Catalog


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Viva Coupling Catalog


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