Elastomeric Coupling Parts & Kits

Elastomeric Coupling parts and kits for the Omega, Viva and Wrapflex flexible couplings are comprised of shaft hubs, spacer hubs, flexible elements, element covers, sub-assemblies, and fastener kits.

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Omega Close-Coupled Elastomeric Elements

Omega Close-Coupled Elastomeric Elements

Flexible Elements for E Series Close-Coupled Couplings. An element is the flexible portion of an Omega coupling and includes mounting hardware. Elements are offered in high-misalignment Orange, high-torque Heavy Duty Yellow (HDY) with +25% greater torque capacity, and Hydrolytically Stable Urethane (HSU) Green for hot and humid environments.
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Rexnord Omega & Viva Elastomeric Couplings


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