Rexnord 8500 Series KleanTop Plastic Modular Belt

Longer life in fryer applications.
Made to Withstand the Heat 
Fryer Temperature Resistant (FTR) material ensures conveyor belt durability.
The 8500 Series KleanTop features food-safe, heat- and oil-resistant material made to endure the hot and abrasive conditions of fryer and oven discharges. Ideal for snack and other food processors whose production lines include contact with high temperature or oily food products.

What can the 8500 Series KleanTop plastic modular belt do for your application?
Benefits of the 8500 Series

Retains Product Quality

Excess oil can drain through the open area of the belting without being carried through the production line. 

Minimizes Risk of Belt Failure

The Fryer Temperature Resistant material enables the belting to resist damage caused by high temperature or abrasive applications, extending belt life.

Mitigates Product Contamination

The belt material resists thermal degradation, prolonging belt life and reducing the risk of food contamination from belt particles.

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8506 Perforated Top
Fryer Temperature Resistant (FTR) material with 21 percent open area for drainage. 
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8500 Series KleanTop Nose-over Bar Product Sheet
8500 Series KleanTop Product Sheet

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