Link-Belt Spherical Roller Bearings

Link-Belt bearings are the workhorse of the bearing industry. Link-Belt’s rugged spherical roller bearings perform with outstanding misalignment capabilities, field adjustable clearance, and excellent sealing options. Link-Belt roller bearings promise reliability no matter the job. When you need durability, turn to Link-Belt.

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Link-Belt Roller Bearings: Quality and Performance

Link-Belt roller bearings offer high performance, quality, and reliability.

Link-Belt bearings feature our two-piece outer ring, addressing a leading issue of premature bearing failure: misalignment. The two-piece outer ring provides double the static and dynamic misalignment capacity of other bearings in the market. The additional static misalignment capacity allows for inaccuracies in the installation process, reducing the potential of premature bearing failure due to installation error. Similarly, additional dynamic misalignment capacity accommodates increased shaft movement during operation, reducing the potential for premature bearing failure due to movement and imbalance. The two-piece outer ring has the ability to address common bearing issues in the field – without replacing bearings. Common issues such as vibration, high operating temperature, noise, high speed and shock can be eliminated through quick and easy internal clearance adjustments that can be done in the field.

Link-Belt bearings also provide excellent sealing options and bearing seals can be changed in the field; try different options to determine the right seal for your application. This allows you the flexibility to modify bearings to your application, without full replacement.

Link-Belt PLB Split Block Spherical Roller Bearing Solutions

Link-Belt offers a split housed spherical roller bearing drop-in compatible with most standard systems. This Link-Belt drop-in can be converted to a fixed or expansion bearing in the same housing, and dimpled flats allow ease of installation. In addition, the Link-Belt housing can be drilled and tapped to accommodate sensors and includes pry bar slots that make it easy to open the housing halves.

The Link-Belt PLB Split Block Spherical Roller

Link-Belt PLB Split Block Spherical Roller Bearings come oil or grease lubrication-ready. Dowel holes are provided so alignment during installation is quick and easy. Link-Belt spherical roller bearing drop-ins are available with several unique seal choices including our D5 Pentac Kevlar reinforced flinger seal for increased contamination protection, T-seal for water applications, and our D8 Taconite duty sealing system for the most contaminated environments. Choose from 2 or 4 bolt pillow block housings in cast iron or cast steel.

Link-Belt PLB Split Block Spherical Bearings are another way Link-Belt offers reliable solutions for every application.

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