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Falk Parallel Gear Drives

V-Class Size 145 Parallel Gear Drive Falk V-Class Gear Drives
Serial Number: T8OGUOHPU
Manufactured Date: 8/28/2017

V-Class Size 145 Parallel Gear Drive

Configuration Details:

Nomenclature: (C)M145VRC3A26.2600421BRR
Coupling Req'd: High Speed and Low Speed
Coupling HS 1 Product Line: Elastomer
Coupling High Speed 1 Size: 50
Coupling HS 1 Product Type: R10 Close Coupled
Coupling HS Driven 1 Bore Fit: Clearance
Coup HS Driven Dim 1 Desig: Metric
Coupling HS Driven 1 Qty SS: Not Applicable
Coup HS Driven Shaft Size(in): 2.36220
Coup HS Driven Shaft Size(mm): 60.000
Coupling LS 1 Product Line: MCF (Rigid Flange)
Coupling Low Speed 1 Size: 2170MCF
Coupling LS 1 Product Type: MCF
Coupling LS Driver 1 Bore Fit: Interference
Coup LS Driver Dim 1 Desig: Metric
Coup LS Driver Shaft Size(in): 5.51180
Coup LS Driver Shaft Size(mm): 140.000
Dipstick / Vent Assembly: Sealed Dipstick w/ AirMax
Drive Mounting Accessories: Alignment-Free Package
Input RPM: 1,750
Motor Frame Size: 449
Motor Horsepower: 250
Motor Type: NEMA D Flange
Nomenclature Prefix Legend: C - Coupling
Output RPM: 66.64
Paint Color: Gray
Paint Type: Standard
Service Factor: 1.43
Special Test Time (mins): 0.000
Input RPM: 1,750
Oil Capacity (Gals): 8.8
Oil Capacity (Litres): 33.0
Oil Level - High (inch): 3.58
Oil Level - High (mm): 91
Oil Level - Low (inch): 3.82
Oil Level - Low (mm): 97