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Falk Ultramite Parallel Shaft Drives are built for longer service life. An integral high-speed pinion is fully supported by bearings within the gearbox, not by motor bearings while dual lip seals prevent contamination. Ultramite is motor-independant allowing the use of standard NEMA C-face or IEC motors. With a lifetime removal guarantee, shaft mounts using our patented TA taper bushing are guaranteed to come off the shaft, regardless of length of service or operating conditions, or Rexnord will replace it for free.

Brochure: Falk Ultramite Gearmotors

Features & Benefits:

  • 8 sizes
  • Up to 133,000 lb-in (15 kNm)
  • 0.25 - 100 hp (.19 - 75 kW) capacity
  • Reductions from 3.15:1 to 1200:1
  • Shaft-mounted designs utlize TA taper bushing
  • CEMA screw conveyor design available
With additional sizes, capacity and QR code functionality, the New Ultramite 300UJ is now available.

Catalog: Falk Ultramite UJ Shaft-Mounted Offset Helical Gear Drives (New Sizes)

All Falk Ultramite Parallel Gear Drive products can be viewed in our comprehensive catalog.

Catalog: Falk Ultramite UJ Shaft-Mounted Offset Helical Gear Drives

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1-866-REXNORD (1-866-739-6673)

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+31 174 445 111

The Rexnord technical services team is available to lead the specifications process based on your design parameters and an analysis of your application. When a unique situation confronts you, Rexnord is there to provide the right solutions.

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Falk Ultramite Gearmotors 281-810 Interchange Guide | English | Imperial | 1 MB
Falk Ultramite Type UCBN, UCFN, Sizes 201-14 Gear Drives 288-100 Manual | English | Imperial | 1 MB
Falk Ultramite Type UCBN, UCFN, Sizes 03-14 Gear Drives 288-101 Manual | English | Imperial | 240 KB
Falk Ultramite Type UCBN, UCFN, Sizes 3-9 IEC Motors and Adapters 288-120 Manual | English | Imperial | 114 KB
Falk Ultramite Type UW, Sizes 03-10 Gear Drives 288-200 Manual | English | Imperial | 425 KB
Falk Ultramite Type UJ, Sizes 04-10 Gear Drives 288-300 Manual | English | Imperial | 383 KB
Falk Ultramite Type UB, Sizes 03-12 Gear Drives 288-400 Manual | English | Imperial | 763 KB
Falk Ultramite Type C-Face Backstop Modules 288-810 Manual | English | Imperial | 75 KB