What is a Smart Tag?

IIoT Smart Tags are an intuitive QR scan interface that delivers a robust and instantaneous list of product-specific features designed for increased efficiency.

What can Smart Tags do for you?

Benefits smart tags offer

Product Registration

Find value with product series and model identification, experience an intuitive re-order process, register up to 10 products at the same time and extend the warranty by 1 year.

Installation Support

Take advantage of on-demand product drawings, available how-to videos and a variety of tooling recommendations to speed up installation and product change-overs.

Maintenance Support

Available product-specific maintenance guides to better identify service life cycles and gain insight for helpful installation and troubleshooting recommendations.

Contact an Expert

Obtain additional information on your registered products, assistance when selecting a new or replacement product and help when requesting a quote.

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How to Register Your Product

Follow the simple steps below to extend your warranty by ONE YEAR!

Step 1

Download the Rexnord IIoT Smart App

Or any standard QR Code Reader available on the App Store and Google Play

Step 2

Scan the unique QR Code

Found on the product, the side of the packing or from the included documentation

Step 3

Follow the instructions to take advantage of your Smart product and

extend your warranty by one year

Is scanning the QR code not an option? No problem!
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