L-500 Laminated Series 

These block roller chains are made of laminated steel plates, and are broadly used in power transmission applications, ranging from general industrial applications to operation in specialized areas, such as food processing, heavy construction equipment, or even demanding oilfield service.

Features & Benefits

  • Single and multiple standard roller chains are available in many sizes.
  • Double-pitch drive chains available for slower speed drives on long centers.
  • High temperature factory pre-lubrication for long life at high speeds.
  • Stainless steel standard roller chain provides excellent corrosion resistance.
  • Case-hardened pin for maximum wear life.
  • Chain modifications available for special operating conditions.
  • Wide waist sidebars for superior fatigue strength.
  • Armor-cased pins for maximum wear resistance.
  • Pre-stressed after assembly to reduce early break in wear.

Product Details

  • 1-inch pitch
  • Block links varying from 3 /16 - inch to 1 /2 - inch in width
  • Pitch is measured between centers of alternate pins in a taut chain, instead of between centers of adjacent pins
  • Used in light-load, low-speed conveyors
  • The broad surface can be dragged along a guide to reduce the catenary load on sprockets
  • Block chain length tolerance is –0 to +1 /16" per foot