Temperature & Humidity Testing Services and Equipment

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We have a wide range of accelerated aging test equipment to evaluate products under simulated service conditions. Our capabilities include programmable temperature testing, a sand test/dust test, a fluid immersion test, temperature - humidity testing, non-destructive testing, and spray testing.

  • ASTM B-117 Salt-Fog and Salt Spray Environmental/Accelerated Aging
  • Environmental engineering considerations and laboratory tests (MIL 810)
  • Sand and Dust
  • Temperature and Humidity
  • Immersion
  • Environmental chambers from -150° to 1100°F
  • CSZ-Temperature/Humidity Chamber
  • Blue M constant temperature forced draft oven
  • Tenney TJR Temperature Chamber
  • Ascott S1000XP salt spray testing chamber
  • MTS environmental chamber testing
  • Water, oil, sludge capable 4-square testers
  • Thermolyne 48000 High Temperature Furnace
  • Vacuum chamber
  • Vacuum furnace
  • 1.2 million gallon test tank ~ (80ft x 80ft x 20ft) for underwater product testing, generation of hydrostatic pressure conditions
  • Dust box, falling sand, abrasion, specialized wear testers

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