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The Falk® CT-Series Cooling Tower Gear Drives presented an impressive solution for a premier chemical processor in Louisiana dealing with underperforming old gearboxes. With leaking seals causing failures, repairs were costing time and money in for repairs. Facing the same challenges? Learn how Falk CT-Series Gear Drives offer a premium-quality drop-in replacement that are cost effective, standardized, and reliable in cooling tower applications.

What You'll Learn

  • Improved continuous uptime and saving the company significantly on replacement and repair costs, as well as downtime
  • Saved the company over 60% per gear drive replacement
  • Improved their rotating equipment’s continuous runtime by 36%
  • Designed as a drop-in replacement option for most popular double reduction applications.

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Falk CT-Series Cooling Tower Gear Drive Exceeds Expectations

Improves Continuous Uptime By 36%