Flexible Coupling Styles Webinar

A flexible coupling's primary functions are connecting two shafts, transmitting power from a driver shaft to a driven shaft and accommodating the misalignment between them. With only these requirements to consider, it would seem the coupling selection process should be easily narrowed down to one or two types. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Join this presentation to see the characteristics of major types of flexible couplings to help you make the best choice for your application, keeping your total cost of ownership as low as possible.

Key Take-Aways

  • Understand the three main functions of a flexible coupling
  • Discover the characteristics of the major types of flexible couplings on the market
  • Learn what to consider when selecting a flexible coupling
  • Understand how the different types of couplings rank according to their main attributes
  • Learn why it is important to select a trustworthy coupling supplier

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