2D CAD Drawings: A-Plus Gear Drives






Parallel Shaft

305 A1 Single Front 305A1F.DXF

305 A1 Single Side 305A1S.DXF

305 A1 Single Top 305A1T.DXF

325 A1 Single Front 325A1F.DXF

325 A1 Single Side 325A1S.DXF

325 A1 Single Top 325A1T.DXF

345 A1 Single Front 345A1F.DXF

345 A1 Single Side 345A1S.DXF

345 A1 Single Top 345A1T.DXF

365 A1 Single Front 365A1F.DXF

365 A1 Single Side 365A1S.DXF

365 A1 Single Top 365A1T.DXF

385 A1 Single Front 385A1F.DXF

385 A1 Single Side 385A1S.DXF

385 A1 Single Top 385A1T.DXF

395 A1 Single Front 395A1F.DXF

395 A1 Single Side 395A1S.DXF

395 A1 Single Top 395A1T.DXF

405 A1 Single Front 405A1F.DXF

405 A1 Single Side 405A1S.DXF

405 A1 Single Top 405A1T.DXF

425 A1 Single Front 425A1F.DXF

425 A1 Single Side 425A1S.DXF

425 A1 Single Top 425A1T.DXF

445 A1 Single Front 445A1F.DXF

445 A1 Single Side 445A1S.DXF

445 A1 Single Top 445A1T.DXF

465 A1 Single Front 465A1F.DXF

465 A1 Single Side 465A1S.DXF

465 A1 Single Top 465A1T.DXF

485 A1 Single Front 485A1F.DXF

485 A1 Single Side 485A1S.DXF

485 A1 Single Top 485A1T.DXF

505 A1 Single Front 505A1F.DXF

505 A1 Single Side 505A1S.DXF

505 A1 Single Top 505A1T.DXF

525 A1 Single Front 525A1F.DXF

525 A1 Single Side 525A1S.DXF

525 A1 Single Top 525A1T.DXF

305 A2 Double Front 305A2F.DXF

305 A2 Double Side 305A2S.DXF

305 A2 Double Top 305A2T.DXF

325 A2 Double Front 325A2F.DXF

325 A2 Double Side 325A2S.DXF

325 A2 Double Top 325A2T.DXF

345 A2 Double Front 345A2F.DXF

345 A2 Double Side 345A2S.DXF

345 A2 Double Top 345A2T.DXF

365 A2 Double Front 365A2F.DXF

365 A2 Double Side 365A2S.DXF

365 A2 Double Top 365A2T.DXF

385 A2 Double Front 385A2F.DXF

385 A2 Double Side 385A2S.DXF

385 A2 Double Top 385A2T.DXF

395 A2 Double Front 395A2F.DXF

395 A2 Double Side 395A2S.DXF

395 A2 Double Top 395A2T.DXF

405 A2 Double Front 405A2F.DXF

405 A2 Double Side 405A2S.DXF

405 A2 Double Top 405A2T.DXF

425 A2 Double Front 425A2F.DXF

425 A2 Double Side 425A2S.DXF

425 A2 Double Top 425A2T.DXF

445 A2 Double Front 445A2F.DXF

445 A2 Double Side 445A2S.DXF

445 A2 Double Top 445A2T.DXF

465 A2 Double Front 465A2F.DXF

465 A2 Double Side 465A2S.DXF

465 A2 Double Top 465A2T.DXF

485 A2 Double Front 485A2F.DXF

485 A2 Double Side 485A2S.DXF

485 A2 Double Top 485A2T.DXF

505 A2 Double Front 505A2F.DXF

505 A2 Double Side 505A2S.DXF

505 A2 Double Top 505A2T.DXF

525 A2 Double Front 525A2F.DXF

525 A2 Double Side 525A2S.DXF

525 A2 Double Top 525A2T.DXF

305 A3 Triple Front 305A3F.DXF

305 A3 Triple Side 305A3S.DXF

305 A3 Triple Top 305A3T.DXF

325 A3 Triple Front 325A3F.DXF

325 A3 Triple Side 325A3S.DXF

325 A3 Triple Top 325A3T.DXF

345 A3 Triple Front 345A3F.DXF

345 A3 Triple Side 345A3S.DXF

345 A3 Triple Top 345A3T.DXF

365 A3 Triple Front 365A3F.DXF

365 A3 Triple Side 365A3S.DXF

365 A3 Triple Top 365A3T.DXF

385 A3 Triple Front 385A3F.DXF

385 A3 Triple Side 385A3S.DXF

385 A3 Triple Top 385A3T.DXF

395 A3 Triple Front 395A3F.DXF

395 A3 Triple Side 395A3S.DXF

395 A3 Triple Top 395A3T.DXF

405 A3 Triple Front 405A3F.DXF

405 A3 Triple Side 405A3S.DXF

405 A3 Triple Top 405A3T.DXF

425 A3 Triple Front 425A3F.DXF

425 A3 Triple Side 425A3S.DXF

425 A3 Triple Top 425A3T.DXF

445 A3 Triple Front 445A3F.DXF

445 A3 Triple Side 445A3S.DXF

445 A3 Triple Top 445A3T.DXF

465 A3 Triple Front 465A3F.DXF

465 A3 Triple Side 465A3S.DXF

465 A3 Triple Top 465A3T.DXF

485 A3 Triple Front 485A3F.DXF

485 A3 Triple Side 485A3S.DXF

485 A3 Triple Top 485A3T.DXF

505 A3 Triple Front 505A3F.DXF

505 A3 Triple Side 505A3S.DXF

505 A3 Triple Top 505A3T.DXF

525 A3 Triple Front 525A3F.DXF

525 A3 Triple Side 525A3S.DXF

525 A3 Triple Top 525A3T.DXF

385 A4 Quadruple Front 385A4F.DXF

385 A4 Quadruple Side 385A4S.DXF

385 A4 Quadruple Top 385A4T.DXF

405 A4 Quadruple Front 405A4F.DXF

405 A4 Quadruple Side 405A4S.DXF

405 A4 Quadruple Top 405A4T.DXF

425 A4 Quadruple Front 425A4F.DXF

425 A4 Quadruple Side 425A4S.DXF

425 A4 Quadruple Top 425A4T.DXF

445 A4 Quadruple Front 445A4F.DXF

445 A4 Quadruple Side 445A4S.DXF

445 A4 Quadruple Top 445A4T.DXF

465 A4 Quadruple Front 465A4F.DXF

465 A4 Quadruple Side 465A4S.DXF

465 A4 Quadruple Top 465A4T.DXF

485 A4 Quadruple Front 485A4F.DXF

485 A4 Quadruple Side 485A4S.DXF

485 A4 Quadruple Top 485A4T.DXF

505 A4 Quadruple Front 505A4F.DXF

505 A4 Quadruple Side 505A4S.DXF

505 A4 Quadruple Top 505A4T.DXF

525 A4 Quadruple Front 525A4F.DXF

525 A4 Quadruple Side 525A4S.DXF

525 A4 Quadruple Top 525A4T.DXF

Right Angle

385 AB2 Double Front AB2385F.DXF

385 AB2 Double Side AB2385S.DXF

385 AB2 Double Top AB2385T.DXF

385 AB2 Double Side AB3385S.DXF

405 AB2 Double Front AB2405F.DXF

405 AB2 Double Side AB2405S.DXF

405 AB2 Double Top AB2405T.DXF

425 AB2 Double Front AB2425F.DXF

425 AB2 Double Side AB2425S.DXF

425 AB2 Double Top AB2425T.DXF

445 AB2 Double Front AB2445F.DXF

445 AB2 Double Side AB2445S.DXF

445 AB2 Double Top AB2445T.DXF

465 AB2 Double Front AB2465F.DXF

465 AB2 Double Side AB2465S.DXF

465 AB2 Double Top AB2465T.DXF

485 AB2 Double Front AB2485F.DXF

485 AB2 Double Side AB2485S.DXF

485 AB2 Double Top AB2485T.DXF

505 AB2 Double Front AB2505F.DXF

505 AB2 Double Side AB2505S.DXF

505 AB2 Double Top AB2505T.DXF

525 AB2 Double Front AB2525F.DXF

525 AB2 Double Side AB2525S.DXF

525 AB2 Double Top AB2525T.DXF

385 AB3 Triple Front AB3385F.DXF

385 AB3 Triple Top AB3385T.DXF

405 AB3 Triple Front AB3405F.DXF

405 AB3 Triple Side AB3405S.DXF

405 AB3 Triple Top AB3405T.DXF

425 AB3 Triple Front AB3425F.DXF

425 AB3 Triple Side AB3425S.DXF

425 AB3 Triple Top AB3425T.DXF

445 AB3 Triple Front AB3445F.DXF

445 AB3 Triple Side AB3445S.DXF

445 AB3 Triple Top AB3445T.DXF

465 AB3 Triple Front AB3465F.DXF

465 AB3 Triple Side AB3465S.DXF

465 AB3 Triple Top AB3465T.DXF

485 AB3 Triple Front AB3485F.DXF

485 AB3 Triple Side AB3485S.DXF

485 AB3 Triple Top AB3485T.DXF

505 AB3 Triple Front AB3505F.DXF

505 AB3 Triple Side AB3505S.DXF

505 AB3 Triple Top AB3505T.DXF

525 AB3 Triple Front AB3525F.DXF

525 AB3 Triple Side AB3525S.DXF

525 AB3 Triple Top AB3525T.DXF

385 AB4 Quadruple Front AB4385F.DXF

385 AB4 Quadruple Side AB4385S.DXF

385 AB4 Quadruple Top AB4385T.DXF

405 AB4 Quadruple Front AB4405F.DXF

405 AB4 Quadruple Side AB4405S.DXF

405 AB4 Quadruple Top AB4405T.DXF

425 AB4 Quadruple Front AB4425F.DXF

425 AB4 Quadruple Side AB4425S.DXF

425 AB4 Quadruple Top AB4425T.DXF

445 AB4 Quadruple Front AB4445F.DXF

445 AB4 Quadruple Side AB4445S.DXF

445 AB4 Quadruple Top AB4445T.DXF

465 AB4 Quadruple Front AB4465F.DXF

465 AB4 Quadruple Side AB4465S.DXF

465 AB4 Quadruple Top AB4465T.DXF

485 AB4 Quadruple Front AB4485F.DXF

485 AB4 Quadruple Side AB4485S.DXF

485 AB4 Quadruple Top AB4485T.DXF

505 AB4 Quadruple Front AB4505F.DXF

505 AB4 Quadruple Side AB4505S.DXF

505 AB4 Quadruple Top AB4505T.DXF

525 AB4 Quadruple Front AB4525F.DXF

525 AB4 Quadruple Side AB4525S.DXF

525 AB4 Quadruple Top AB4525T.DXF

Right Angle - Shaft Mounted - Hollow with Shrink Disc

405 ABJ3 Triple Bottom ABJ3405B.DXF

405 ABJ3 Triple Front ABJ3405F.DXF

405 ABJ3 Triple Side ABJ3405S.DXF

425 ABJ3 Triple Bottom ABJ3425B.DXF

425 ABJ3 Triple Front ABJ3425F.DXF

425 ABJ3 Triple Side ABJ3425S.DXF

445 ABJ3 Triple Bottom ABJ3445B.DXF

445 ABJ3 Triple Front ABJ3445F.DXF

445 ABJ3 Triple Side ABJ3445S.DXF

465 ABJ3 Triple Bottom ABJ3465B.DXF

465 ABJ3 Triple Front ABJ3465F.DXF

465 ABJ3 Triple Side ABJ3465S.DXF

485 ABJ3 Triple Bottom ABJ3485B.DXF

485 ABJ3 Triple Front ABJ3485F.DXF

485 ABJ3 Triple Side ABJ3485S.DXF

405 ABJ4 Quadruple Bottom ABJ4405B.DXF

405 ABJ4 Quadruple Front ABJ4405F.DXF

405 ABJ4 Quadruple Side ABJ4405S.DXF

425 ABJ4 Quadruple Bottom ABJ4425B.DXF

425 ABJ4 Quadruple Front ABJ4425F.DXF

425 ABJ4 Quadruple Side ABJ4425S.DXF

445 ABJ4 Quadruple Bottom ABJ4445B.DXF

445 ABJ4 Quadruple Front ABJ4445F.DXF

445 ABJ4 Quadruple Side ABJ4445S.DXF

465 ABJ4 Quadruple Bottom ABJ4465B.DXF

465 ABJ4 Quadruple Front ABJ4465F.DXF

465 ABJ4 Quadruple Side ABJ4465S.DXF

485 ABJ4 Quadruple Bottom ABJ4485B.DXF

485 ABJ4 Quadruple Front ABJ4485F.DXF

485 ABJ4 Quadruple Side ABJ4485S.DXF

Right Angle - Flange Mounted

405 ABR3 Triple Bottom ABR3405B.DXF

405 ABR3 Triple Front ABR3405F.DXF

405 ABR3 Triple Side ABR3405S.DXF

425 ABR3 Triple Bottom ABR3425B.DXF

425 ABR3 Triple Front ABR3425F.DXF

425 ABR3 Triple Side ABR3425S.DXF

445 ABR3 Triple Bottom ABR3445B.DXF

445 ABR3 Triple Front ABR3445F.DXF

445 ABR3 Triple Side ABR3445S.DXF

465 ABR3 Triple Bottom ABR3465B.DXF

465 ABR3 Triple Front ABR3465F.DXF

465 ABR3 Triple Side ABR3465S.DXF

485 ABR3 Triple Bottom ABR3485B.DXF

485 ABR3 Triple Front ABR3485F.DXF

485 ABR3 Triple Side ABR3485S.DXF

405 ABR4 Quadruple Bottom ABR4405B.DXF

405 ABR4 Quadruple Front ABR4405F.DXF

405 ABR4 Quadruple Side ABR4405S.DXF

425 ABR4 Quadruple Bottom ABR4425B.DXF

425 ABR4 Quadruple Front ABR4425F.DXF

425 ABR4 Quadruple Side ABR4425S.DXF

445 ABR4 Quadruple Bottom ABR4445B.DXF

445 ABR4 Quadruple Front ABR4445F.DXF

445 ABR4 Quadruple Side ABR4445S.DXF

465 ABR4 Quadruple Bottom ABR4465B.DXF

465 ABR4 Quadruple Front ABR4465F.DXF

465 ABR4 Quadruple Side ABR4465S.DXF

485 ABR4 Quadruple Bottom ABR4485B.DXF

485 ABR4 Quadruple Front ABR4485F.DXF

485 ABR4 Quadruple Side ABR4485S.DXF

Right-Angle Vertical

405 ABX3 Triple Front ABX3405F.DXF

405 ABX3 Triple Side ABX3405S.DXF

405 ABX3 Triple Top ABX3405T.DXF

425 ABX3 Triple Front ABX3425F.DXF

425 ABX3 Triple Side ABX3425S.DXF

425 ABX3 Triple Top ABX3425T.DXF

445 ABX3 Triple Front ABX3445F.DXF

445 ABX3 Triple Side ABX3445S.DXF

445 ABX3 Triple Top ABX3445T.DXF

465 ABX3 Triple Front ABX3465F.DXF

465 ABX3 Triple Side ABX3465S.DXF

465 ABX3 Triple Top ABX3465T.DXF

485 ABX3 Triple Front ABX3485F.DXF

485 ABX3 Triple Side ABX3485S.DXF

485 ABX3 Triple Top ABX3485T.DXF

405 ABX4 Quadruple Front ABX4405F.DXF

405 ABX4 Quadruple Side ABX4405S.DXF

405 ABX4 Quadruple Top ABX4405T.DXF

425 ABX4 Quadruple Front ABX4425F.DXF

425 ABX4 Quadruple Side ABX4425S.DXF

425 ABX4 Quadruple Top ABX4425T.DXF

445 ABX4 Quadruple Front ABX4445F.DXF

445 ABX4 Quadruple Side ABX4445S.DXF

445 ABX4 Quadruple Top ABX4445T.DXF

465 ABX4 Quadruple Front ABX4465F.DXF

465 ABX4 Quadruple Side ABX4465S.DXF

465 ABX4 Quadruple Top ABX4465T.DXF

485 ABX4 Quadruple Front ABX4485F.DXF

485 ABX4 Quadruple Side ABX4485S.DXF

485 ABX4 Quadruple Top ABX4485T.DXF

Parallel Shaft - Flange Mounted

405 AR2 Double Bottom AR2405B.DXF

405 AR2 Double Front AR2405F.DXF

405 AR2 Double Side AR2405S.DXF

425 AR2 Double Bottom AR2425B.DXF

425 AR2 Double Front AR2425F.DXF

425 AR2 Double Side AR2425S.DXF

445 AR2 Double Bottom AR2445B.DXF

445 AR2 Double Front AR2445F.DXF

445 AR2 Double Side AR2445S.DXF

465 AR2 Double Bottom AR2465B.DXF

465 AR2 Double Front AR2465F.DXF

465 AR2 Double Side AR2465S.DXF

485 AR2 Double Bottom AR2485B.DXF

485 AR2 Double Front AR2485F.DXF

485 AR2 Double Side AR2485S.DXF

405 AR3 Triple Bottom AR3405B.DXF

405 AR3 Triple Front AR3405F.DXF

405 AR3 Triple Side AR3405S.DXF

425 AR3 Triple Bottom AR3425B.DXF

425 AR3 Triple Front AR3425F.DXF

425 AR3 Triple Side AR3425S.DXF

445 AR3 Triple Bottom AR3445B.DXF

445 AR3 Triple Front AR3445F.DXF

445 AR3 Triple Side AR3445S.DXF

465 AR3 Triple Bottom AR3465B.DXF

465 AR3 Triple Front AR3465F.DXF

465 AR3 Triple Side AR3465S.DXF

485 AR3 Triple Bottom AR3485B.DXF

485 AR3 Triple Front AR3485F.DXF

485 AR3 Triple Side AR3485S.DXF

405 AR4 Quadruple Bottom AR4405B.DXF

405 AR4 Quadruple Front AR4405F.DXF

405 AR4 Quadruple Side AR4405S.DXF

425 AR4 Quadruple Bottom AR4425B.DXF

425 AR4 Quadruple Front AR4425F.DXF

425 AR4 Quadruple Side AR4425S.DXF

445 AR4 Quadruple Bottom AR4445B.DXF

445 AR4 Quadruple Front AR4445F.DXF

445 AR4 Quadruple Side AR4445S.DXF

465 AR4 Quadruple Bottom AR4465B.DXF

465 AR4 Quadruple Front AR4465F.DXF

465 AR4 Quadruple Side AR4465S.DXF

485 AR4 Quadruple Bottom AR4485B.DXF

485 AR4 Quadruple Front AR4485F.DXF

485 AR4 Quadruple Side AR4485S.DXF

Parallel Shaft - Shaft Mounted Hollow Shaft with Shrink Disc

405 ARJ2 Double Bottom ARJ2405B.DXF

405 ARJ2 Double Front ARJ2405F.DXF

405 ARJ2 Double Side ARJ2405S.DXF

425 ARJ2 Double Bottom ARJ2425B.DXF

425 ARJ2 Double Front ARJ2425F.DXF

425 ARJ2 Double Side ARJ2425S.DXF

445 ARJ2 Double Bottom ARJ2445B.DXF

445 ARJ2 Double Front ARJ2445F.DXF

445 ARJ2 Double Side ARJ2445S.DXF

465 ARJ2 Double Bottom ARJ2465B.DXF

465 ARJ2 Double Front ARJ2465F.DXF

465 ARJ2 Double Side ARJ2465S.DXF

485 ARJ2 Double Bottom ARJ2485B.DXF

485 ARJ2 Double Front ARJ2485F.DXF

485 ARJ2 Double Side ARJ2485S.DXF

405 ARJ3 Triple Bottom ARJ3405B.DXF

405 ARJ3 Triple Front ARJ3405F.DXF

405 ARJ3 Triple Side ARJ3405S.DXF

425 ARJ3 Triple Bottom ARJ3425B.DXF

425 ARJ3 Triple Front ARJ3425F.DXF

425 ARJ3 Triple Side ARJ3425S.DXF

445 ARJ3 Triple Bottom ARJ3445B.DXF

445 ARJ3 Triple Front ARJ3445F.DXF

445 ARJ3 Triple Side ARJ3445S.DXF

465 ARJ3 Triple Bottom ARJ3465B.DXF

465 ARJ3 Triple Front ARJ3465F.DXF

465 ARJ3 Triple Side ARJ3465S.DXF

485 ARJ3 Triple Bottom ARJ3485B.DXF

485 ARJ3 Triple Front ARJ3485F.DXF

485 ARJ3 Triple Side ARJ3485S.DXF

405 ARJ4 Quadruple Bottom ARJ4405B.DXF

405 ARJ4 Quadruple Front ARJ4405F.DXF

405 ARJ4 Quadruple Side ARJ4405S.DXF

425 ARJ4 Quadruple Bottom ARJ4425B.DXF

425 ARJ4 Quadruple Front ARJ4425F.DXF

425 ARJ4 Quadruple Side ARJ4425S.DXF

445 ARJ4 Quadruple Bottom ARJ4445B.DXF

445 ARJ4 Quadruple Front ARJ4445F.DXF

445 ARJ4 Quadruple Side ARJ4445S.DXF

465 ARJ4 Quadruple Bottom ARJ4465B.DXF

465 ARJ4 Quadruple Front ARJ4465F.DXF

465 ARJ4 Quadruple Side ARJ4465S.DXF

485 ARJ4 Quadruple Bottom ARJ4485B.DXF

485 ARJ4 Quadruple Front ARJ4485F.DXF

485 ARJ4 Quadruple Side ARJ4485S.DXF

Parallel Shaft - Vertical

405 AXV2 Double Front AXV2405F.DXF

405 AXV2 Double Side AXV2405S.DXF

405 AXV2 Double Top AXV2405T.DXF

425 AXV2 Double Front AXV2425F.DXF

425 AXV2 Double Side AXV2425S.DXF

425 AXV2 Double Top AXV2425T.DXF

445 AXV2 Double Front AXV2445F.DXF

445 AXV2 Double Side AXV2445S.DXF

445 AXV2 Double Top AXV2445T.DXF

465 AXV2 Double Front AXV2465F.DXF

465 AXV2 Double Side AXV2465S.DXF

465 AXV2 Double Top AXV2465T.DXF

485 AXV2 Double Front AXV2485F.DXF

485 AXV2 Double Side AXV2485S.DXF

485 AXV2 Double Top AXV2485T.DXF

405 AXV3 Triple Front AXV3405F.DXF

405 AXV3 Triple Side AXV3405S.DXF

405 AXV3 Triple Top AXV3405T.DXF

425 AXV3 Triple Front AXV3425F.DXF

425 AXV3 Triple Side AXV3425S.DXF

425 AXV3 Triple Top AXV3425T.DXF

445 AXV3 Triple Front AXV3445F.DXF

445 AXV3 Triple Side AXV3445S.DXF

445 AXV3 Triple Top AXV3445T.DXF

465 AXV3 Triple Front AXV3465F.DXF

465 AXV3 Triple Side AXV3465S.DXF

465 AXV3 Triple Top AXV3465T.DXF

485 AXV3 Triple Front AXV3485F.DXF

485 AXV3 Triple Side AXV3485S.DXF

485 AXV3 Triple Top AXV3485T.DXF

405 AXV4 Quadruple Front AXV4405F.DXF

405 AXV4 Quadruple Side AXV4405S.DXF

405 AXV4 Quadruple Top AXV4405T.DXF

425 AXV4 Quadruple Front AXV4425F.DXF

425 AXV4 Quadruple Side AXV4425S.DXF

425 AXV4 Quadruple Top AXV4425T.DXF

445 AXV4 Quadruple Front AXV4445F.DXF

445 AXV4 Quadruple Side AXV4445S.DXF

445 AXV4 Quadruple Top AXV4445T.DXF

465 AXV4 Quadruple Front AXV4465F.DXF

465 AXV4 Quadruple Side AXV4465S.DXF

465 AXV4 Quadruple Top AXV4465T.DXF

485 AXV4 Quadruple Front AXV4485F.DXF

485 AXV4 Quadruple Side AXV4485S.DXF

485 AXV4 Quadruple Top AXV4485T.DXF