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Choosing the Right Monitoring System


Facilities around the globe are enjoying the safety, cost savings and productivity benefits of condition monitoring. View our webinar to learn about choosing the right level of condition monitoring system for your operation.
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When it comes to condition monitoring, the benefits in terms of safety, cost savings and productivity are huge. Download our whitepaper to find out more.
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Condition Monitoring - Simplified

Don't waste time and money creating a custom parts and software solution to monitor the health of your gearbox. Rexnord's done all the work for you with our Series 1000 Smart Condition Monitoring kits, saving you as compared to a do-it-yourself condition monitoring alternative. Save time and money with all the components needed to quickly set up your system in every kit. Run it as a stand-alone system or integrate it into your existing condition monitoring solution. Simply purchase the kit, connect it and start monitoring - it's that easy.

Every Smart Condition Monitoring Kit includes as standard:

  • Edge Device: Sealed enclosure with smart technology that reads sensor values and sends contextual condition alerts
  • Andon Light: Light indicates overall status of monitored gearbox
  • Sensors: Measure temperature, vibration, oil quality, oil relative humidity and other various monitoring options
  • Local Communications Port: Weather-sealed port that can integrate directly with your EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, or Modbus TCP industrial ethernet network.
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Power Supply
  • IP-67 Rated

Four Ways to Monitor Gearbox Health and Performance

Choose any combination of monitoring options to get alerts on the health of your gearbox

Simple Alerts
Comprehensive Alerts
Andon Light
External Status Display
Intergration with Your Existing Control System
Rexnord Connect Portal
Andon Light

Standard kit offering. Gives green, yellow, red alerts indicating if the gearbox is healthy, needs attention soon, or at risk of downtime.

External Status Display

The optional external status display can be plugged into the edge's sensor network to inform an operator about the current running status of the gear drive or the details causing any alert.

Integration with Your Existing Control System

The edge has a communication port that allows you the ability to communicate sensor values and overall gearbox health directly to your PLC/PAC

Rexnord Connect Portal

Optional Rexnord Connect Portal access is ideal when using the Smart Condition Monitoring System and not integrating into an existing control system. Receive on-screen asset information and contextual, actionable email messages when your gearbox requires attention. Optional cellular communications card for cloud-based software.


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MODEL 1010

Everything you need for standard condition monitoring. Base level package monitoring overall vibration and oil temperature. Does not require connectivity to the cloud.

MODEL 1020

Connected device monitoring oil quality, oil temperature and shaft speed. Contact a technical representative to purchase and configure.

MODEL 1050

Connected device monitoring oil quality and temperature, overall vibration, shaft speed and motor current. Contact a technical representative to purchase and configure.

MODEL 1150

Connected device monitoring oil quality, oil temperature and shaft speed. Plus, is connected o the Rexnord Connect portal for rich data reporting and performance trends. Contact a technical representative to purchase and configure.






Oil - relative humidity, oxidation, aging, life remaining, oil level - Y Y Y
Oil sump temperature Y Y Y Y
Vibration Y* - Y Y
Speed - Y Y Y
Motor Current - - Y Y
Local status indication Y Y Y Y
LAN connectivity to PLC/DCS Y Y Y Y
Enterprise-wide data access via Rexnord Connect Portal
  • System updates
  • System monitoring
  • Email notifications
- - - Y
Install Yourself Y - - -


The Smart Condition Monitoring System - Series 1000 is available for the following Rexnord gear drives. Learn more about our connected gear offering or order your basic 1010 installation kit below.

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V-Class Gear Drive
The Falk V-Class Gear Drive is the standard in gear drives from Rexnord - a drive that's born to lead and bult ot last.
A-Plus Gear Drive
A-Plus Parallel Shaft Gear Drives feature super-rugged designs to meet every operating challenge.
Y-Unit Gear Drive
Falk gear drives benefited from s research, design construction know-how.


Learn to install the Model 1010 Smart Condition Monitoring System without removing your gear drive from service. Want assistance or ready to upgrade? Contact us for support.

Installation Documentation Installation & Upgrade Support

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