BSD Friction Disc Torque Limiters

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Rexnord BSD Friction Disc Torque Limiters are designed to slip at a preset torque thus limiting the torque at overload. Robust and reliable, they are successfully applied wherever expensive machinery needs to be protected against overload and subsequent downtime needs to be avoided.

Catalog: Overload Clutches

Features & Benefits:

  • With or without bushing
  • Interchangeable spares
  • Economic solution
  • Assembly and disassembly of wear parts from both sides
  • Robust design
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy torque adjustment
Series 3901
Torque range: 3.5 - 12,000 Nm. Standard design with cup springs, with stack of cup springs from size 160.

Series 3911
Torque range: 3.5 - 12,000 Nm. For power transmission elements with very large installation widths, e.g. double sprockets and geared wheels.

Series 3921
Torque range: 3.5 - 1,260 Nm. Torque limiter with sprocket for all chain drives (design with smallest sprocket).

Series 3931
Torque range: 2 - 1,000 Nm. Designed with compresson springs to apply constant torque. In principle, torque remains in case of wear. Same adjustment as for standard design.

Series 3931-500
Torque range: 32 - 1,200 Nm. Combination of torque limiter 3901 and flexible bolt coupling, for dry operation.

Series 3931-360
Torque range: 16 - 1,000 Nm. Combination of torque limiter 3901 and flexible Radaflex coupling, for dry operation.

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