BSD Overload Clutches

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Rexnord BSD Multi-Disc Overload Clutches are mechanical, infinitely-variable overload protection devices suitable for applications with high speeds and high slipping frequencies.

If the pre-set transmitting torque value is exceeded, either at the drive or driven side, the clutch will slip transmitting the slipping torque only.

Catalog: BSD Overload Clutches

Features & Benefits

  • Wet and dry operation
  • Variable cup spring stacking
  • Combinations with other products e.g. freewheels
  • High torques at small dimensions
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy torque adjustment
Rex Series 452x
Torque range: 18 - 1,600 Nm, designed with support (sliding bearing) of the outer part to connect an elastic coupling. Sprocket or geared wheel may be attached.

Rex Series 451x
Torque range: 18 - 1,600 Nm, same design as type 450x including hub outer body.

Rex Series 450x up to 40,000 Nm
Torque range: 1,100 - 40,000 Nm, multi disc torque limiter clutch for high torque, designed with stack of cup springs. Steel/sintered discs for dry and wet operation.

Rex Series 450x up to 1,600 Nm
Torque range: 18 - 1,600 Nm, overload clutch with sintered discs for dry and wet operation. High torques at small diameters, designed with housing of outer body.

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