BSD Freewheels & Backstops

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Rexnord BSD Freewheels are typical safety devices that prevent connected equipment from damage following overloading or disruption. Freewheels allow the conversion of a reciprocating motion into a rotational motion.

Rexnord BSD Backstops ensure smooth operation of a machine part in both directions, locking retroacting torques of the driven part to the driving part in both directions.

Catalog: BSD Freewheels and Backstops

Features & Benefits:

  • Clamping roller or centrifugal releasing wedge type design
  • Symmetrical parts
  • Combinations with overload clutches or elastic couplings
  • Robust design
  • High torque ratings and large bore diameters
  • High idling / overrunning speeds
Series 220x
Basic freewheel configuration with user supplied bearings installed on both sides.

Series 221x
Designed to accept a pulley or sprocket for an offset drive.

Series 222x
Designed to accept a flange connection.

Series 228x
Incorporates an elastomeric flexible coupling to accept shaft misalignment.

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