CamEdge Series Metal Belt

Edge-driven and adaptable for efficient production.
Move More Food Using Less Space
Cageless spiral conveyor helps optimize your floor plan
Demand for food product is growing, but without a larger facility it can be difficult to keep up with production requirements. The CamEdge Series is a cageless, metal spiral conveyor system configurable to the needs of your plant, saving you space without sacrificing production.

What can the CamEdge Series metal conveyor belt do for your application?
Benefits of the CamEdge Series

Decreases Downtime

The metal belt is built to be flexibile and without high tangential tension, allowing for long term durability. Variable openings aim to effectively carry product as well as giving access to sanitize the belt with less time, water and chemicals. 

Optimizes Floor Space

The cageless design is versatile to acccommodate several configurations. Round, oval, in-low/out-low and in-high/out-high systems can be built to suit the unique needs of your plant's layout.

Minimizes Risk of Belt Failure

The unique edge design was created with hold down tabs to ensure belt flipping and other typical belt failures do not occur.

Retains Product Quality

Variable openings and smooth conveyance ensure food product gets consistent airflow and leaves the belt without marking.

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CamEdge Metal Belt
This cageless metal spiral belt is available in widths up to 48 inches (1,219.2mm) (excluding drive link extensions). Smoothly manages speeds up to 100 feet per minute (30.5mpm) with a turn ratio of 1.35-2.80 x belt width. Materials include T316LSS, WRSS and T304SS.
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CamEdge More Metal Belt
This belt provides the same benefits offered with the CamEdge Series, with the added feature of mesh overlay (up to 54 count), especially useful with delicate product carrying needs. Available in widths up to 48 inches (1,219.2mm) (excluding drive link extensions). Capable of speeds up to 100 feet per minute (30.5mpm) and turn ratio of 1.6-2.8 x belt width. Materials available include T316LSS and T304SS.
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