Cam-Grid Xtra Turn & Spiral Cage Belts


The Cam-Grid Xtra has increased product carrying capacity. The heavy-duty turn belt carries more product with less weight, and wears evenly for longer belt life. Available in a rod-only construction or with a variety of mesh overlays, Cam-Grid Xtra spiral system belting is tougher, stronger, faster and able to carry heavier loads.

Features and Benefits:

  • Trouble-free operation in tough applications
  • Carries more product without extra belt weight
  • Maximizes product throughput in tight spaces
  • Spring temper stainless steel mesh overlays
  • Smooth, flat mesh surfaces offers uniform product support with minimal product marking
  • Fatigue and damage resistance results in long, trouble-free belt life

Product Specifications

  • Widths up to 56” (1422mm)
  • Speeds up to 150fpm (mp)
  • Turn Ratio 1.6 – 4.0 x belt width
  • Tension rating up to 300lbs (136kg)
  • Materials: T316SS, T304SS