Turn & Spiral Cage Belts

Request InformationOur spiral cage and turn belts are proven performers in food processing. Our Leading Edge belts are wider, faster and stronger than any product on the market. Designed to process and move baked goods, meat, poultry and prepared foods, Cambridge belts are versatile for light and heavy-duty applications and compatible with all major OEM systems.
Cambri-Link Series Metal Belt
Flatwire style belt that is easily customized for standard or tight turns and product loads. Open area is great for cooling, freezing and proofing applications

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DuraLite Series Metal Belt
Link-style belt optimal for cooling, freezing and proofing in straight or turn configurations.

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Cam-Grid Series Metal Belt
Designed for moving small product easily, and gives critical access for sanitation.

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Sani-Grid Series Metal Belt
Simple, durable and useful in a variety of applications from poultry processing to baking.

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CamEdge Series Metal Belt
Low-tension, cageless spiral conveyor built for smooth conveying.

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The Cambri-Link belt has customized openings across its width to accommodate product and application needs. Its design promotes balanced airflow, especially useful for cooling, draining and heating. 

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The DuraLite belt is the first link-style belt to offer customer-defined opening sizes, and achieve optimal support, air flow, and highest strength to weight ratio. Designed and proven on spiral cage applications to cool and freeze baked goods such as bagels, breads, pizza crusts and packaged foods, including ice cream and frozen entrees. DuraLite's stainless steel construction makes it the food industry’s best choice for safety and protection.

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Leading Edge DuraLite
This belt combines Leading Edge’s strength with DuraLite’s customizable openings. DuraLite belts deliver greater load-carrying capacity and smoother operating performance, resulting in dramatically fewer breaks and reducing plant downtime and service costs. DuraLite provides the highest strength-to-belt weight ratio on today's market.

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Leading Edge Performance Grid
The Leading Edge Performance Grid belt can handle heavy loads, is faster and wider than the standard Leading Edge Grid belt. Its oblong rods prevent link wear and distortion while making baked goods, meats, poultry, fish and prepared foods of all kinds. 

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Leading Edge Performance Link
The Leading Edge Performance Link belt is engineered to combine exceptional strength and stress resistance with smooth, trouble-free operation. Best used for applications requiring extra width plus the ability to transport heavier loads at high speeds.

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The Rexnord technical services team is available to lead the specifications process based on your design parameters, and an analysis of your application. When a unique situation confronts you, Rexnord is there to provide the right solutions. With locations around the world, Rexnord provides experienced application and post-sales support, no matter where you are.


By measuring tension by tier as a spiral belt cycles, the tug tester can diagnose operating conditions and help prevent downtime and extend belt life.

Contact Rexnord at 410-901-2660 or email us at sales@cambridge-es.com to find out how to get a Tug Tester