SLATrak Series Metal Belt

Protect product quality in frying applications.
Non-Stick Solution for Frying Food Products
Retain product quality with Teflon-slatted track design.
Breaded food products have a tendency to stick to conveyors when they first enter a frying application. The SLATrack conveyor belt eliminates product sticking by incorporating Teflon slats which give a smooth, non-stick surface while the product cooks. 

What can the SLATrak Series metal belt do for your application?
Benefits of the SLATrak Series

Reduces Product Damage & Loss

SLATrak is used at the beginning of the frying process, the point where breaded products are most likely to stick to the conveyor. After a few feet, the breading has a chance to crust and the product can transfer safely without the risk of damage. 

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Available in widths up to 62 in. (1,574.8 mm). For temperatures up to 500 degrees fahrenheit (260 degrees celsius) and speeds up to 100 fpm (30.5 mpm). Materials include virgin Teflon slats, stainless steel chain, attachments and channels.

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