EyeLink Series Metal Belt

Customizable, modular build for optimal performance.
Designed for Versatility
Modular build for reduced downtime. Customizable design for any application.
Look no further than the EyeLink Series metal belt for a modular design that can be used in myriad applications on the food processing floor. The wire mesh openings can be customized to ensure your product is conveyed with the highest level of stability and minimal marking. Choose between the bar link edge design for general conveying, or the chain edge design to accommodate the need for vertical change of direction in the conveyor path (such as hold-down belts in fryers).

What can the EyeLink Series metal belt do for your application?
Benefits of the EyeLink Series

Retains Product Quality

Flat, uniform mesh provides a stable carrying surface with minimal marking. Open area can be customized to ensure proper airflow and drainage.

Adaptable for Your Application

Mesh opening, edge design and belt pitch are all customized to ensure optimal belt performance in any application.

Decreases Downtime

Modular design helps reduce downtime for belt maintenance.

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Available in widths up to 156" (3,960mm) and in T316SS and T304SS. Accommodates speeds up to 200fpm (61mpm) and temperatures up to 1000 degrees fahrenheit (538 degrees celsius). Edge options include bar link (type LK) and roller chain (type KH).
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