DuraHinge Straight Line Positive Drive


The DuraHinge is a more durable alternative to the existing versions of metal strand belting. This belt is light weight and easy to clean, with a patented compound Z bend hinge to reduce curling and snagging, maintaining structural soundness up to ten-times longer than other flex-style belts.

Brochure: DuraHinge

Features and Benefits:

  • Most specifications in stock for immediate delivery
  • Made from fully-hardened, spring-tempered stainless steel
  • Resists stress and damage
  • Made from 30 percent stronger fully-hardened, spring-tempered stainless steel

Product Specifications

  • Widths up to 156” (3962.4m)
  • Speeds up to 150 fpm (46mpm)
  • Temperatures up to 1000°F (538°C)
  • Materials: T304SS
  • Pitches: 1/2″ and 3/8″
  • Available with wire diameters ranging to 0.92″


DuraHinge Stainless Steel Sprocket
DuraHinge Acetal Sprocket