Balanced Flat Seat Series Metal Belt

Benefits of traditional balanced weave belts with better total cost of ownership.
Stable and Long Lasting
Optimized design for a more durable conveying solution.
The Balanced Flat Seat Series is designed to provide stable conveying for dry applications in the baking, metal working, glass, ceramic and electronic industries. Each belt provides benefits of a traditional balanced weave belt, with the added value of superior product stability and less stretch over time, giving you a better total cost of ownership. 

What can the Balanced Flat Seat Series do for your application?
Benefits of the Flat Seat Series

Decreases Downtime

Thinner spirals in the Balanced Flat Seat belts reduce stretch over time, enabling you to spend less downtime for maintenance.

Retains Product Quality

Alternating spirals allow for better product stability, less vibration and better belt tracking. 

Our Products
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Balanced Flat Seat
Flattened, oval spirals reduce elongation over time. Uniform surface offers stable carrying with minimal product marking. Available in widths up to 220 inches (5588mm) and in T316L, T304SS and HCS materials.
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Oven Balanced Flat Seat
Offers the same unique spiral design with construction ideal for curing, drying and baking applications. Available in widths up to 144 inches (3657mm). Materials include T304SS, T316LSS, T314SS, 3519CB, 8020CB, Inconel 601 and 7030.
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Furnace Balanced Flat Seat
Designed for high temperature applications, and pretreated with proprietary process to extend life in carbon-rich environments. Available in widths up to 200 inches (5080mm) and in T304SS, T316LSS, T314SS, 3519CB, 8020CB, Inconel 601, 7030 materials.
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Compound Balanced Flat Seat
Smooth, dense weave perfect as a baking band for cookies, crackers and snack foods. Available in widths up to 160 inches (4600mm) and T316LSS, T304SS, T430, HCS, Galv. materials.
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Compound Balanced Belt - Imperial
Oven Balanced Flat Seat - Imperial

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