Gripper Slings

Request InformationProof-tested at 200 percent of its rated workload, every Gripper Sling’s wide bearing surface improves load balance and gripping power. As it won’t kink or tangle in use like wire rope or chain slings, loads don’t shift or slip. The woven spiral construction eliminates the danger of sudden failure that can occur when synthetic sling core rots or a weak link in a chain sling.

Brochure: GripperSlings

Features and Benefits:

  • Interwoven, smooth spiral wires offers complete flexibility
  • Steel mesh tolerates abrasive loads without fear of sling failure
  • Outlasts wire rope and synthetic slings

Product Specifications

  • Permits use at temperatures of up to 550°F (287.7°C)
  • Made in accordance with OSHA and ANSI B-30.9 requirements
  • Mesh Materials: Carbon Steel, T430SS, Inconel, 4130
  • Handle Materials: Hard rolled steel, 4130, T304SS, Inconel