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Rexnord FlatTop Conveyor Chains and Components are leading edge solutions designed to continuously improve productivity for customers in every application. With more than 120 years of experience, Rexnord offers the broadest selection of high quality chains, components, sprockets, and accessories available in the world. Our team of experienced application engineers and industry experts is committed to helping you select the ideal product for your applications.

Dual Detectable Material

A new metal and x-ray detectable material option to help food processors mitigate contamination risks. Available for select KleanTop & TableTop belts.

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Rexnord 9406 MatTop Chain

Rexnord 9406 MatTop Chain

9406 series chains are 2.4 inch pitch. The robust design of the chain in combination with the perforated surface execution of the top plates minimizes downtime caused by broken glass. The stiffness of the chain results in no elastic elongation at the drive, a very smooth and steady forward motion which improves bottle stability. The chain has been designed in full stainless steel which makes sure that corrosion has no chance in the pasteurizer. The 9406 series runs on new designed plastic non split sprockets.
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Magnetflex Curve System


Manual | English | 2 MB

Rexnord Nose-Over Conveyor MatTop Chain


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SideGrip Chain


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TableTop Chain


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Engineering Manual - MatTop and TableTop Chain


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1625B-TAB Series MatTop Chain


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Plastic TableTop Chain User Information


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