Rexnord 390 Series MatTop Chain

Industry-leading performance. Reduced Downtime. Mitigates Product Contamination.
Optimized design for your tight transfer needs.
Delivering performance and reliability
The 390 Series MatTop Chain features an optimized design for tight transfer conveyors in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and metal container manufacturing industries. Used for small product handling where stability of container or delicate nature of product are critical to operation, and package and case transfers into and out of packers, turns and spiral conveyors, the 390 Series delivers on performance  and reliability.

What can the 390 Series do for your application?
Benefits the 390 Series offers

Minimizes Risk of Chain Failure

The chain can carry more load and withstand high peak loads with its high strength feature (500lbs/ft 7300N).

Decreases Downtime

Depend on the high stiffness of our chain for less risk of material fatigue and pin wear, providing optimal chain tracking — chain does not jump on the sprocket with optimized sprocket engagement, keeping the chain moving smoothly.

Reduces Product Damage & Loss

Featuring an 8mm pitch, the Series is capable of a tight, “knife edge” transfer for small and unstable products, ensuring they are conveyed without product loss or damage.

Mitigates Product Contamination

The headless rod and self-locking pin retention reduces the chance of product contamination from the rod, and requires fewer and less complicated tools for easy assembly and maintenance.

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Rexnord 390 Series for Delicate Product and Container Handling

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