Rexnord ART Dynamic Chain

Smarter conveying for a more complex operation

Rexnord Introduces New ART Dynamic Chain
Designed for package and parcel handling applications

Rexnord's ART™ Dynamic Chain is an ideal solution for package and parcel handling applications. Unlike other conveying solutions that require multiple conveyors to perform multiple behaviors, the ART Dynamic Chain offers the ability to create MULTIPLE behaviors – zero back line pressure, rotation, acceleration deceleration, low pressure accumulation, metering, and sequencing – in ONE single conveyor design. This unique chain allows OEMs and module manufacturers to incorporate design and engineering expertise to create their own ART conveying system.

Applications for ART Dynamic Chain include container and case turning before the packer, packer-to-palletizer (P2P) sections in beverage, food, and intralogistics, as well as parcel handling in third party logistics, e-commerce, and warehouse facilities.

Video: ART Dynamic Conveying Chain

ART Dynamic Conveying Chain

Learn What Sets ART Apart
Features & Benefits of ART Dynamic Chain

Standardization and Manageable Level of Complexity

ART Dynamic Chain can be activated with standard tools and devices readily available today in the marketplace. No proprietary training required, OEMs can use standard devices to activate the chain.


Enhanced Line and Design Flexibility

ONE single conveyor design with MULTIPLE behavior capabilities, using the same actuation tools to rotate, accelerate, decelerate, meter, and sequence at will, depending on application needs.

Reduced System Footprint

ONE single conveyor design with MULTIPLE behavior capabilities helps eliminate MULTIPLE conveyors — reducing footprint and components.

Zero Backline Pressure

Enhanced GENTLE package and parcel handling with ZERO pressure capabilities. Flexible and full control on zero pressure behavior to handle diverse package/parcel mix.

Learn about our new ART Dynamic Chain for package and parcel handling applications

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