Rex Spherical Roller Bearings

Rex spherical roller bearings set the standards for bearing performance, superior shaft mounting, and customization. When it comes to high-performance customizable spherical roller bearings, you can rely on Rex.

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Rex Spherical Roller Bearings Set the Standard for Capability and Customization

Rex roller bearings address one of the biggest causes of premature bearing failure: misalignment. The Rex roller bearing’s unique two-piece outer race provides industry leading static and dynamic misalignment capacity of +/- 2 degrees--double the capacity of other bearings in the market. Additional static misalignment capacity allows for inaccuracies in the installation process, reducing the potential of premature bearing failure due to installation error. Similarly, additional dynamic misalignment capacity accommodates increased shaft movement during operation, reducing the potential for premature bearing failure.

Rex roller bearings two-piece outer ring has the ability to address the most common bearing issues in the field—without replacing bearings. Common issues including vibration, high operating temperature, noise, high speed, and shock can be eliminated through quick, easy adjustments of internal clearances. Rex bearings are the only solid housed bearings with this unique capability. Our bearing application engineers are ready to assist you with clearance customization for your specific application.

With your choice of seals, auxiliary caps, and other customizable features, you can depend on Rex in every situation. When you want a true bearing solution, Rex is your best choice.

Superior Customization: Create the Perfect Roller Bearing for Your Job

Rex offers superior customization. From our full line of interchangeable seals to our cast iron caps, Rex bearings can be attuned to your specifications. 

The Shurlok tapered adapter is a powerful Rex spherical roller bearing exclusive. Shurlok provides users with quick and easy installation. With 360 degrees of clamping contact, Shurlok delivers extreme holding power, minimal vibration and outstanding running accuracy. Shurlok takes mounting technology to a new level.

Lubrication contamination is a leading cause of premature bearing failure. Bearing seals keep contaminates out and lubricants in. The right seal means a longer life for your bearing, and with a wide variety of seal options, Rex bearings can be customized for high-temperature, high-speed, wet or high-contaminate environments. We have the right seal for your application and if you’re not sure which seal option is best, the Rexnord application engineers are ready to help. Rex bearing seals can be changed in the field; try different options to determine the right seal for your application, without replacing the complete bearings. Rexnord is the only solid housed bearing manufacturer to offer this flexibility. 

Cast iron caps are a Rex bearing exclusive, providing the ultimate in sealing protection. Rex cast iron caps protect bearings in the harshest conditions and environments where other options won’t work. These caps have been proven to extend the life of bearings, and provide the ultimate in sealing capabilities.

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